More efficient and successful through SEO-optimized marketing.

More efficient and more successful through SEO-optimized marketing.

Compared to the usual B2B marketing channels, the content creator marketing of our editorial team differs through selective, product-specific, SEO-optimized marketing that we have been placing with effective advertising since 2006 and directly via our in-house target group portals and influencer partners.

... more then 1000 Europrean partners

... yearly more then4000000 in-house web visits

Search engine optimized content, packaged for our partners in a marketing-appropriate manner.

Successful product placement

We review product innovations in an SEO-optimized journalistic form of a customer rating in order to then publish them consumer-oriented as product placement via our in-house social media web channels and influencer partners.
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Unboxing and product reviews

Unboxing as a successful influencer campaign for your new product. Almost 85% of all consumers trust personal recommendations and around 90% claim that product reviews have a decisive influence on their purchase decision.

Travel journalism

Our travel journalists visit interesting travel destinations. We record more than 2,000,000 hits every year through our in-house special travel portals.
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Literature blog and book reviews

We write reviews for self-publishers as well as, of course, for small and large publishers.

Positioning your brand and products

  • Product placement: the product is integrated into a story.
  • Unboxing: Typical for YouTube & story formats: the package is unpacked live and the products discussed and rated.
  • Tests: Products are tested and evaluated.
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Currently in our watchlist:

Which mask is right for me?
We are currently looking at some corona masks and will later report on wearing comfort, fit and handling.
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Currently in our watchlist:

Alarm system for home use?
An infinite number of alarm system providers are currently flooding the market. Which promises and meets the requirements for easy handling. What security do you offer?
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Currently in our watchlist:

Dennis E. Taylor, Phillip P. Peterson, Brandon Q. Morris oder Andreas Brandhorst. Who has the best future prospects.
In the current science fiction bestsellers, the future of the earth is not really good. But is there any salvation? Which author makes us dream of the stars and really discover new worlds for us.

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