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Press request for product review
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Dear Sirs
Our publishing editors find out more about the subject of "mini projectors" and work their way through the large number of products and manufacturers on offer. For this purpose we are planning an editorially prepared comparison of the mini projectors available on the market for home use.

In addition to Kodak Luma, Apeman and Exxo, we of course also became aware of the models you offer. Would you be interested in giving us one of your current T1, O3 or R11S on our topic for review?

Our requirements: mobility, small size, quality, sharpness, brightness, contrast.

Please use this address for shipping:
Jahnstrasse 30a
Germany 41564 Kaarst

By the way: Our reviews are SEO-optimized in the journalistic form of a customer evaluation in order to then publish them consumer-oriented as a product placement via our in-house WEB portals, our social media channels and of course our influencer partners.

Please inform us briefly about your options.
We look forward to your feedback.

With best regards
Karlheinz Hillesheim

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